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Create, Capture, Design, Edit, Produce, Direct, Promote, Integrate, Educate
Full Project Management Accomplishment from conception until completion.

Social Media Creation, Promotion, Design & Management
Website Creation & Adaptation, Mobile Technology Integration

Web Development/Design/Maintenance

SEO Optimization

Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, CTV Strategy and Design

Comprehensive Marketing Strategies


Newspaper/Publication/Periodical/Blog Layout & Design

Merchandise Creation

Front Lobby/Storefront Technology Installation, Integration, & Design

Monument Signage & Building Signage, Lit & Non-Lit

Banner & Promotional Signage Creation

LED Messaging Systems & Design


Commercial Production, Editing, & Promotion

Video Production/Editing/Promotion

Advanced Multimedia & Animation

Streaming Production & Design

Photography, Photo Editing

Music Creation & Audio Recording, Marketing, & Promotion

Musical/Theatre and Music Direction, Production

Promotion & Marketing

Musical Solo/Ensemble Production

Music & Sound Engineering/Mastering

Music Artwork Creation, Promotion, & Design

Pro Lighting Design & Installation

Special Effects Creation & Design


Voiceover & Call Menu Production

Public Relations/Marketing

Human Relations/Training

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Art & Design Services

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