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Media & Technology Solutions - Creative - Conceptual - Art - Design
Photo - Video - Music - Website - Social Media - Marketing - Installation - Training


Computer Integration, Education & Service
Audio & Visual Installation & Imp
Interactive Technology

Classroom & Boardroom Technology Installation, Integration, and Education
Mobile Technology Integration
Networking/Data Installation

Front Lobby/Storefront Technology Installation, Integration & Design

Project Management Accomplishment from conception until completion


Banner Creation, LED Messaging Systems
Theatre Technology/Equipment Installation,
Marketing & Promotion

Music Creation/Audio Recording,
Marketing & Promotion

Monument Signage, Building Signage

Video Production/Editing/Promotion
Voiceover & Call Menu Production

Print Materials & Merchandise Creation

Social Media Promotion/Design

Website Creation & Adaptation

Multimedia Solutions & Consulting Services


 Project Management 

 A Comprehensive Approach 

 Get Up To Speed Quickly 

 Accelerate Your Goals 


Matt has a strong appreciation and understanding of attention to detail, troubleshooting and problem solving.
He is a quick learner who loves to learn new technology, along with the ways that the technology can be used to serve students and staff. He is service-oriented, and is always happy to help
out with any need, big or small.

Karl Brown, EdD.
Director of Community Education & Technology
Mounds View Public Schools

Matt was extremely helpful in leading
the filming of one of our
Rock the Schoolhouse videos and assisting with securing additional footage for interludes on another video. He was key in directing the video and guiding all technical applications needed. This included integrating the special cuts, effects and music to ensure the desired effect. Matt demonstrated patience, professionalism and a commitment to a quality video with significant resource limitations. The Foundation deeply appreciates Matt's commitment to our efforts and the extra time and energy he gave to producing our video. Matt is extremely hard working, conscientious and in my opinion
his commitment to the Mounds View School District is undeniable.

Heather Meyer
Executive Director
Mounds View Public Schools
Education Foundation

Matt has good communication skills and has build some strong relationships with our staff and students. He explains things well to a varied audience and always treats people with respect. Matt is also very meticulous and thorough. In three years of backing up hundreds of computers he has never lost a file. He's kept track of our entire inventory of 1200+ pieces of technology. throughout our entire building. His work ethic, organizations skills, ability to learn, and experience with a variety of software and hardware would make him a good asset for your organization. He is self-motivated, enthusiastic, and hard working.

Matt's experience with technical theater equipment is amazing. Some of his work for the Performing Arts Club was to create a background scenery projection spanning over multiple screens, creating a lighting design for the show, set up the proper sound components for the show, and create special effects that made the show unforgettable! Not only did he design these elements, he then taught elementary students how to operate and carry out the design. What makes this work even more exceptional was that he did it all for the students as a volunteer. The vision of a musical theater program at Pinewood Elementary became a reality because of his hard work and dedication.

Angie Coldren
Pinewood Elementary Extension Teacher
Pinewood Performing Arts Club Director

Matthew is a highly motivated person. He generates a multitude of good ideas an is a great problem solver. As a great communicator, Matthew understands what needs to be met and achieves them quickly and professionally. He is positive and takes a sincere amount of care in his work. He gets to the root of challenging projects and opens up the door for new dialogue and exploration.

He is very conceptual which allows him to think all of his work in creative ways.

He is very fast in his work and achieves the best outcome from his tasks and designs. He has added a lot of energy...and has dared us to think in new, innovative ways. A natural leader, Matt provides structure for himself and those around him, and is not afraid to assert himself when things need to get accomplished. Matt would be an asset to your company.

Jennifer Scammahorn
Creative Artist
Professional Educator

It is my pleasure to write a recommendation letter for Matt Anderson, an extraordinary human being. He has an amazing ability to listen in a genuine way that builds trust immediately. Mr. Anderson has an amazing ability to collaborate with staff. Not only would he support them in problem solving technical difficulties, he would use these experiences as learning opportunities for adults. Matt would go out of his way to check in with staff consistently. Matt’s lasting impact still rings through the halls at Pinewood Elementary School.

Allie Storti
Lead Coordinator
Early Learning
Mounds View Public Schools

Anderson is reliable, conscientious, timely, and efficient. He has a good work ethic, is a valued team member, can handle many different types of responsibilities, produced quality work, and adds artistic value with his graphic design skills. He will be a caring, hardworking, talented graphic designer and technology specialist wherever he works.

Deborah Holman
Educational Consultant
Strawhorse Vintage and Stitchery Owner
Assistant Principal

NASSP Award Winner
Bloomington Public Schools

Kevin Coenen
Technology Coordinator
Jefferson High School

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