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Who is Matthew Anderson?

I am a leader; a pioneer; I rise to the occasion; I think outside of the box.
I understand what people like, and what motivates them.

The people in my life I have worked with and for, hundreds of colleagues in all walks of life,
and many leaders across the industries I have spent time in, look to me as a leader; a problem solver.
I am referred to by some as: The Tech Ninja.

I energetically provide my services and insight to my partners on a daily basis, to my absolute best ability.
I build a clear vision of what is needed to make your business or organization successful,
and I am equipped to execute all necessary objectives to lead your organization into the future.

Having experienced both the public and private sectors, I have a unique perspective in many aspects of
this modern climate. From a very young age, I understood technology and design in ways most did not.
I was nurtured by knowledgeable and caring mentors who selflessly taught me how to believe in myself.
Throughout my career, I have been exposed to the wants, needs, and the many moving pieces
of our education system, our medical system, our political system, our food industry, our media.

Accumulating my responsibilities, whether
 filling in where help was needed,
or pursuing new and challenging areas of business and society,
I was continually promoted up and into an array of industries,
which included more and more of my interests in so many different projects, fields of work,
and higher-level decision making and responsibilities.
This accumulation and application of skills and experience are what I offer to you.

I have worked hand-and-hand with doctors, teachers, executives, artists, musicians,
mechanics, professors, computer geniuses, directors, programmers, thespians, religious leaders, unions, printers, politicians, housekeepers, business owners, customer service representatives,
librarians, entertainment venue owners, project managers, advertisers, salespersons,
construction workers, public relations and media personalities.

I have strong rapport with all partners, and the deepest respect for all who work with me,
and those who service our goal of succeeding and thriving the best way we can.

I have a vast knowledge of and experience in:

Computers, Audio & Visual, Interactive Technology, Social Media Promotion/Design,
Website Creation & Adaptation, Mobile Technology Integration, Networking/Data Installation,

Video Production/Editing/Promotion, Voiceover & Call Menu Production,
Theatre & Arts Technology/Equipment Installation, Marketing & Promotion,

Music Creation & Audio Recording Marketing & Promotion

Classroom & Boardroom Technology Installation, Integration, and Education,
Front Lobby/Storefront Technology Installation, Integration & Design,

Monument Signage, Building Signage, Banner Creation, LED Messaging Systems

Project Management Accomplishment from conception until completion,

See the Technology page for more!
See the Design page for more!

I meet with administration panels to solo owners on a regular basis,
partnering with them to fulfill and exceed their requests, inside their budget parameters
to initiate or retrofit new or current needs into reality.


I look forward to every day, working with my partners, to succeed; together.

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